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A Provider of Quality Industrial Automation Solutions

Syscon Automation Group, LLC, is a control system integrator in Utah. We have extensive experience providing customers with material handling, machine control and process control services. We offer a range of industrial automated control solutions for the following sectors:


Food & Beverage

As your automated control service provider, we come up with innovative automated solutions to optimize cost control and efficiency for your food and beverage lifecycle needs.

Material Handling

We have HMI and PLC hardware and software to meet your unique material handling needs.


Our control solutions are suitable for warehouse owners who rely on efficient logistics systems and distribution to get goods to the market.

Medical Device

We design comprehensive solutions to satisfy your medical device assembly requirements.


Our vehicle automation experience helps make every component of your supply chain more efficient at deploying automation.


We have the automated manufacturing expertise and experience required to optimize your data infrastructure and control systems investments.

Machine Controls

We support machine builders by providing control staff augmentation, control system integration outsourcing, control system retrofits and other related services.

Syscon Automation Group, LLC, is a leading control system integration company delivering quality industrial automation solutions in Utah. Bob Bruce, the firm’s founder and CEO, established the business as RC Bruce Company in 2002 and changed the name to Syscon Automation Group after recruiting several like-minded engineers to join the organization. Some of our services include discrete manufacturing, specialty material handling and process control automation.

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“…excellent work. It definitely seems as though Syscon went out of their way to make us happy. Every tag is commented, every rung is commented, they used our Control Rung and automation structure recommendations, everything is in ladder logic, there are no jumps, there are virtually no “latch” or “unlatch” instructions, the list goes on and on. I am once again very pleased with the great software deliverables we’ve gotten from Syscon.…”

Jonathan Mann, Software Engineer
Western Zirconium

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