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Optimized Efficiency & Cost Control

Process automation and system controls are arguably more important to the food and beverage production industry than any other major manufacturing branch. From processing base ingredients and raw materials to packaging and shipping finished products, we at Syscon Automation have a comprehensive understanding of the unique demands of the food and beverage industry. Most every step of the food and beverage production lifecycle demands innovative automation solutions for optimized efficiency and cost control.

Our extensive industry experience spans all aspects of food and beverage production, including:

  • Conveying and processing dry and liquid raw materials and base ingredients
  • Managing batch production processes, including baking, cooking, cooling, drying, extrusion, mixing and shredding
  • Automated packaging of finished product

Our engineering teams also offer proven expertise in the creation of customized equipment for specific processes and unique client requirements.  


In June of 2017, after more than 30 years of life, Rockwell Automation discontinued selling the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 control platform and will no longer support that technology. Contact Syscon Automation to plan your migration to Rockwell's new ControlLogix Control System platform today.


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